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He seemed to want to please her so badly. She just didn't expect him to impale her so fast. They were lying on her bed, having just finished doing each other for the umpteenth time. The thought that he didn't need to try so hard to get Raven to notice him and that she might have already done it on her own had never entered his mind. For a long while neither one of them spoke. In fact, it sends a shiver up my spine. To pretend those were someone else's arms.

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As sleep started to take him buried his face into Raven's hair "I love you.

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On one of the warmer days they ventured out onto the roof. She was the best gift he could ever have. He thrust hard and fast into her. When he had finally collected himself, and the danger of climaxing so soon had passed, he pushed all the way in to the hilt. It started out slow at first. By this time they were lying on their sides and were facing each other on the bed.

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