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Prohibiting discrimination against LGBTI adults, adolescents and children in all contexts — including in education, employment, healthcare, housing, social protection, criminal justice and in asylum and detention settings; Ensuring legal recognition of the gender identity of transgender people without abusive requirements; Combating prejudice against LGBTI people through dialogue, public education and training; Ensuring that LGBTI people are consulted and participate in the design, implementation and monitoring of laws, policies and programmes that affect them, including development and humanitarian initiatives. April, Michigan, age Some lesbians are in heterosexual marriages. The findings and conclusions in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or those of the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry. Loading comments… Trouble loading? You probably have hobbies and interests that are the same as those of some of your straight friends.

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'Gay genes': science is on the right track, we're born this way. Let’s deal with it.

I tend to laugh at people who are close-minded. Remember, sexual orientation is a pattern of desire, not of behaviour or sexual acts per se. Red, Australia, age 20 I used to be confused by that part of my personality; but, through time, it became a very important and precious part [of me]. All people are valuable. Gender is a cultural expression of sex identity often but not always based on stereotypes of masculinity and femininity. Advocates for Youth www.

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doing it lesbian right
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